Making Pull Out Trays for a Kitchen Cabinet

Pull Out Tray Plan: Pull-Out Tray for Kitchen Cabinet Build Plan | Etsy

We had a problem. Bob Barkers treats and some of his other supplies were becoming a blob of stuff in our cabinets. The shelves were spaced too far apart to be useful. My wife tried a metal rack, which I just hated. So, I decided to make two pull out trays to make better use of the space.

The first thing I did for this one, was ask my wife what she wanted. This is something she would be using a lot as well, and I wanted to make sure she would be happy with the result. We decided two trays would suit our needs, and she wanted them to keep the wood color and not be painted.

Next, I measured the space inside the cabinets to get the dimensions for my trays. One problem I ran into was that the 35-year-old cabinets were not square. The back of the shelf space with about ¼ in wider than the front. Once I realized that, it was an easy fix with my crosscut sled and a spacer.

There are a ton of different ways to make trays or drawers. I chose to make them compact and minimize unused space. For the finish I applies some wipe on polyurethane to add some durability and maintain the bare wood look.

This was a fast project, but it made a big impact in the cabinet organization. It is something most DIYers can do, if you just take your time and do it one step at a time.

My YouTube channel has a video of the full build, and for anyone that would like some help customizing the build to your cabinet space, I have detailed plans available to assist.

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