Desk With White Oak Waterfall Edge

Bob Barker and I decided to make a new desk for my wife.  It took some time, but after some back and forth and months of procrastination, we came up with a design. We decided on a white oak top with a waterfall edge on one side. The other side has a cabinet with two drawers. My wife wanted one drawer to be a file cabinet and the other to hold her printer. The other important consideration was to hide the numerous cords she needs for all her equipment.

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Concealment Coffee Table

A friend of mine wanted a new coffee table with a hidden compartment. So, Bob Barker and I decided to tackle the project. Many of the existing ones I could find seemed too obvious to me. Either the compartment looked like a big box that clearly was hiding something or the design used drawer slides which needed noticeable cut-out notches in the apron of the table to actually function.

Outdoor Bench

A friend of mine was in need of a new outdoor table and benches. So, along with the supervisor, Bob Barker, we got to work. We already made the table and now was the time to add the benches.

Outdoor Table

A friend of mine was in need of a new outdoor table, and I was in need of a project. So, after a quick consultation with my supervisor, Bob Barker, we decided to make a table for him.

Since this table will be outdoors and exposed to the elements, I really wanted a woos species that would hold up to the elements well. We decided on using cedar.

Plywood Rack

One of my big needs for workshop organization was to get a solution for my plywood storage. The main space I have available tends to get wet when it rains, so I needed to elevate the wood and add some extra storage for smaller pieces.

Storage Bench

I’ve been trying to get my wife to allow me to build something to place by our front door for a long time. Mainly, the space next to the door was empty and we needed a good place to keep the things we use for Bob Barker’s walks. So, when she finally warmed up to the idea I knew I had to make it look nice. After a lot of back and forth we decided a bench would be the best option.

Umbrella Stand Table

We recently remodeled our back yard. With all the updates, it became clear that the old umbrella stand tables I made a decade ago were showing their age. They were still sturdy and functional, but needed to be sanded and refinished. But, with the new look of our outdoor space, I felt like a new table would better fit the new aesthetic.  

Shop Organization Projects

Mobile Cabinet/Clamp Storage:

I have been meaning to address some storage issues in my workspace for a while, but other projects and expert level procrastination have delayed it. But now I have decided it needs to be done. I was tired of my sloppy clamp storage and having to climb up to the rafters in my garage every time I needed certain pieces of equipment.

One of the good problems that has developed is I had a lot of extra wood left over from prior projects. So, I decided these projects would be tackled completely with the scraps/extras. That way I make more space in my work area while improving my work/flow and efficiency.

Hidden Drawer

So, Bob Baker was reading too many news articles and became concerned for the safety of his favorite toys. He decided that he needed a better place to hide them so no stray dogs could come and steal them while he is busy with me in the shop or away winning agility competitions.  So, after a brainstorming session, we decided to make a hidden drawer in my nightstand.

Outdoor Sofa

After making the coffee table and patio chairs, next up is this outdoor sofa. Since I was finally able to clear out my garage, there was room to finish up this project.

The build went very smoothly – probably since I already had a lot of practice with the legs after doing the chairs and coffee table. It mirrors that same design, creating a cohesive look throughout the set.

Memorial Flag Case

In this video we make a pair of memorial flag boxes. My grandfather and his brother were both war veterans and my father decided to display their flags. So, on a whim I decided to tackle the project while he was visiting.

For the first box, I just jumped into the build without any planning – probable not the best way to go about it. I had some ½ inch thick walnut available, so we used that for both boxes.

DIY Coffee Table

This build is the second project for our new patio furniture set. The first was a pair of patio chairs. I already posted a blog and video of that build, so if you have it seen it yet I would recommend to check it out. I actually started making the sofa before this coffee table, but soon realized that my garage was running out of space. So, I put that build on hold until our backyard is finished and I can move out the chairs to make room for assembling the sofa.

DIY Patio Chair

My wife and I decided it was time to update out backyard and patio. Part of that is changing out the patio furniture. We had an old set that was functional, but just did not have the look and feel we wanted for the space. So, I decided to make my own. The chair is the first part on the set. I wanted them to be sleek, but not too thin. At the same time, it needed to have a little bit of a thicker ruggedness to it.

Table Saw Workbench Build

When I first got my table saw I was super excited to use it. It came with a stand that worked well, but it was just not as easy to use as I hoped. What I wanted was an outfeed table to make it smoother to use. And since I work out of a garage, I figured a mobile workbench that also doubled as an outfeed table was the way to go.

How to Set Up a Table Saw

Whether you just got your first table saw or if it’s just been a while since you adjusted it, setting up your table saw is a critical step to help maintain as much accuracy and safety as possible. Fresh out of the box it is very likely that the table saw will not be perfectly aligned.  My YouTube video gives a visual aid to each of the 4 following steps and goes over some alternate methods.

Making a Crosscut Sled

One of the most useful accessories for a table saw is a crosscut sled. A crosscut sled can increase safety and accuracy when using your table saw.

Making a Pull Out Tray for Kitchen Cabinets

We had a problem. Bob Barkers treats and some of his other supplies were becoming a blob of stuff in our cabinets. The shelves were spaced too far apart to be useful. My wife tried a metal rack, which I just hated. So, I decided to make two pull out trays to make better use of the space.

Drill Charging and Storage Station

One of my big focuses lately has been upgrading my work stations and storage for my garage workshop. Having a dedicated and easily accessible station for my drills and chargers was something that definitely was high on the list. Before, I would keep them in their original storage carriers, and that just added unnecessary steps and time. So, making this station was my solution.

Garage Lighting Upgrade

For a long time, I just put up with the poor lighting in my garage/workshop. I assumed to the cost to upgrade the lighting would not be worth it. It turns out I was wrong. After a bit of research, I found some reasonably priced LED lights that seemed like a great solution for my garage.

Top 6 Must Have Tools for Beginning Woodworkers & DIYers

I have been getting asked a lot by people I know, “what are the most essential tools I would need to get started?” So, I figured, it would be helpful to talk about the top tools and why. Of course, there are so many tools and accessories out there, and it would be awesome to get them all, but I wanted to focus it down to what is truly needed for most projects.

DIY Track Saw - Circular Saw Guide

One issue that quickly pops up when using full sheets of plywood is how to break it down to manageable pieces. One of the more accurate and easier methods would be to use a track saw. The problem for most of us is that track saws are expensive. So, a good alternative method is to use some sort of straight edge to guide your circular saw. This can be done with any straight edge whether it is a long level, another piece of lumber, or a dedicated jig.

DIY Small Closet Organization/Closet Shelves

The closet in my wife’s office was overly cluttered. It was a tedious task to retrieve something from the piles that filled it. So, we decided to make some shelves and use storage bins to help organize the space, making it much more functional. There are many configurations you can use when doing a small closet makeover, but for us simple shelves were the way to go.

Miter Station Build, Part 1: 8 Drawer Cabinet

Making a dedicated miter station has been something on my to do list for quite a while. And now is finally the time to tackle this project.

Miter Station Build, Part 2: Double Cabinet

The second step of the miter station build was to make the double cabinet on the left side of the station. I wanted to make these longer to support whatever wood I will need to cut, as well as to give even more storage for my ever-growing tool collection.

Miter Saw Station Platform and Setup

With the cabinets made, I was finally able to move to the finishing step of my miter saw station build. To install the miter saw, I made and installed a platform in between the cabinets, being extra careful to ensure the table of the miter saw was even with the top of the cabinets.

Making a Mobile Shop Cart

As time passes, I find that my two collection continues to grow, and I am running out of storage space.  To help with this I decided to make a mobile shop cart.  The goals for this with to increase my storage capacity (in particular for my air compressor) and add an additional work surface for some smaller projects.  While my table saw workbench has an awesome work surface, sometimes a project does not need that much space.  Since I work out of my garage, sometimes a smaller workstation is just more convenient.

DIY Router Table: Base Cabinet

When I first made my table saw workbench, I planned on putting a router plate on the far end. But as the time came, I realized that having the bench as it was worked well for my workflow. On top of that, I still needed more storage for my growing tool collection. So, I decided that a stand-alone router table would be the best option for me.

Two Ways to Make Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

The kitchen cabinets in my house are the original ones from when it was built. They are almost as old as I am. While we like the layout of the kitchen, the style of the doors and the exposed hinges needed some updating. My wife and I like the simplicity of shaker style doors, so I decided to tackle the project of redoing all of them. In all, there are 40 doors and drawer faces to make.

Making a Custom Built-In Cabinet

We have this wall that comes out to create a natural cubby area in our dinning room. To me it just screams out for a built-in cabinet. So, I decided it was time to make it happen. The first step was to get some options. When it comes to things anywhere outside the garage, its always important to make sure the wife will love it.

Built-In Cabinet: Finishing and Installation

In our last blog we talked about how we made the built-in cabinet. While that was great, there was still a lot left to do. The next step was to get the finish done. I have used and hvlp spray gun in the past, and rolled/brushed other projects as well. For this project, I decided to get a new spray gun to use (since my other one was old and not the greatest).