Umbrella Stand Table

Link to DIY Umbrella Stand Table plan: Umbrella Stand Table Build Plan - Etsy

We recently remodeled our back yard. With all the updates, it became clear that the old umbrella stand tables I made a decade ago were showing their age. They were still sturdy and functional, but needed to be sanded and refinished. But, with the new look of our outdoor space, I felt like a new table would better fit the new aesthetic.  

My old tables had wood tops, which is fine, but I felt that concrete tops would be easier for me to maintain and go better with the look we wanted. I also decided to simplify the design of the base since we gravitate more toward pieces with clean lines and not too many ornate details.

Making the base was simple. I got some redwood and after deciding on the size, quickly put it all together with lots of pocket hole screws. I ended up finishing them with some spar urethane and used feet pads to keep the wood base off the ground.

The base was easy, but making the tops made me a little nervous since this was my first time working with concrete for furniture. I decided to go with a countertop concrete mix and added some charcoal coloring to match our new barbeque station.

I made the molds for the concrete out of some melamine. Then, to make the hole for the umbrella pole, I hot glued a pvc pipe to the melamine mold. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but it was perfect for this job. I used a fondant tool to round over the silicone caulk, which will transfer the round over to the edges of the concrete. I think the one thing I would change if I was to redo this project is separating the molds. I had all the tops in one large mold. It worked ok, but the size made it difficult to agitate it well after pouring the concrete. I think if I made each one as its own mold, this would have been easier and probably would have resulted in some smoother edges on the finished pieces.

Despite that, I was pleased with the outcome. After letting the tops dry some, I wet sanded them and then let them dry some more. Then, I added some concrete sealer before attaching them to the bases.

Now we have some sleek new umbrella stand bases to use poolside. In the end, this was a simple project anyone can tackle.

Full build video on my YouTube channel:

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