Outdoor Sofa

Link to DIY Outdoor Sofa Plan: Outdoor Sofa Build Plan | Etsy

After making the coffee table and patio chairs, next up is this outdoor sofa. Since I was finally able to clear out my garage, there was room to finish up this project.

The build went very smoothly – probably since I already had a lot of practice with the legs after doing the chairs and coffee table. It mirrors that same design, creating a cohesive look throughout the set.

I decided to make the sofa wide enough for three of the cushions I used on the chairs. Because of the width, I just didn’t trust the floating back design from the chairs. I’m sure it would be strong enough, but in the end, I changed the design just to be safe.  So instead, I connected the seat platform to both the front and back legs. This change seemed big to me at first, but after seeing the result, it still looks great with the set.

I also had to change the way I added the angle to the bottom of the seat back. For the chairs I just cut it on the table saw when the frame was made. Since I am using 2x4’s for the sofa frame, my table saw blade isn’t big enough to make the same cut. So instead, I ended up putting angles on all the supports individually.

Like the other build so far, we are quite pleased with the result. I have a full video of the build on YouTube if you want to see the whole process. Up next I have some end table planned. I think they are going to complete the set perfectly. 

Full build video on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/mdipfuEbd4g

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