Plywood Rack

One of my big needs for workshop organization was to get a solution for my plywood storage. The main space I have available tends to get wet when it rains, so I needed to elevate the wood and add some extra storage for smaller pieces. This thin profile, stationary plywood rack was my solution. It has a few small shelves perfect for smaller cutoffs.

The main reason I went with a stationary rack as opposed to a full mobile cart with more storage is space. I just don’t have the space for anything like that right now. So this was a great compromise for my workshop.

I did the entire build with cheap lumber from the box store. Some 2x4’s, 1x4’s, 1x2’s, ¾ and ½ in plywood. I used a 4-degree angle to keep the plywood from falling forward. Overall, it was a fast and easy build that really helps keep my shop organized.

Full build video on my YouTube channel: Space Saving Plywood Rack // Workshop Organization - YouTube

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